Denise Holloway, Head of Development

Denise is in charge of content and creative development as well as the pertaining research at Veritas Films. Denise is an avid documentary filmmaker from Canada where she worked with institutions such as the NFB. Like Mahmoud, she is also a graduate of the Concordia Film School in Montreal, though she attended years before Mahmoud enrolled there and they met serendipitously in the UAE. They immediately struck a creative partnership and worked on many projects together, including Satwa Stories.

In addition to the projects she develops with Veritas Films, she is currently producing her own documentary, “Fields and Borders” on the rug-weaving industry in Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey.

Denise is proud to be feeding her family from a self-sufficient garden in her Abu Dhabi home, which also serves as the unofficial hub of a vibrant artistic community.