My Demons Sing Opera

A playful and experiential psychological study of one of the world’s top opera stars, René Pape, filmed over a year alongside his upcoming tour of performances.


MetroSufi will be a feature-length creative documentary about European nationals who breathe new life into the centuries-old teachings of Rumi in their modern, complicated lives in urban Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Sufism, the mystical sect of Islam, is known for its rituals of contemplation, rhythmic breathing, chant and whirling, the object of which is the awareness of self and experience of the divine. This centuries-old tradition, based on the teachings of Rumi, has been more or less exiled from the Arab world but has found a new home in recent decades in modern Europe, where the practice of this Islamic faith has become intermeshed with the basics of European society such as contemporary secularism, freedom of faith, and democracy.

The flourishing of this Islamic Sufi practice in present-day Europe presents us with fertile material from which to make a poetic and observational documentary about personal and collective spiritual identity as well as the role of religion in modern life.

Our narrative crosses many borders. Sufism itself is an ancient export from the Arab world to the west, and our documentary subjects hail from three distinct Sufi communities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It is worth noting that almost all the participating members of these Sufi communities are European nationals of Christian European descent (i.e., not Arab immigrants), a fact which we believe heightens and enhances the themes of the film because, as adult religious converts, they can speak with deep self-awareness of their motivations to join the Sufi path.