Eva Sayre Named Among British Council's Middle East "Cultural Leaders & Innovators"

In the British Council's program for emerging leaders in the cultural and creative sector, Eva Sayre was recognized for her contributions to the development of the documentary film industry in the GCC region. Veritas Films’ business director will join other cultural leaders and innovators through a series of Cultural Policy Summits in 2013.

Sayre notes, "I hope these summits will present an opportunity to explore constructive areas of improvement in my industry. I would like to address some regulatory handicaps to documentary filmmaking in the UAE and also use this platform to bring more awareness to business side of the film industry. As far as I am aware, I am so far the only executive producer in the UAE focused exclusively on documentary films — it can be a little lonely! Most young filmmakers here are encouraged to be directors, but good executive producers are also essential to the emerging film industry and we should find ways to develop that talent."