Mahmovies! is back for a third series titled Mahmovies! Black & White Glory

‘Mahmovies!’ a bi-annual film series curated by award-winning filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour, is back with a new lineup to provoke, stimulate and entertain.

Following an incredible second series, Mahmovies! Music for the Eyes, it is evident that there exists a real hunger for a regular screening venue for less mainstream, more challenging work from around the globe. “The standing room only crowd at the screenings is a testament of Dubai’s need for such events,” commented Hetal Pawani of thejamjar.

The third series of ‘Mahmovies!’ is titled Black & White Glory and it highlights achievements in black and white cinematography . This upcoming series aims to inspire and motivate the audience to look beyond storylines to the visual mystery of cinema as an art of movement, form, light and shadow, moving at twenty four frames a second.

Curator Mahmoud Kaabour comments that “organizing a series around a visual element is a concept that Dubai is ready for. Our goal is to come together to enjoy cinema with new, fresh eyes and without necessarily focusing on plotlines and characters only.”

The series will subvert any stereotypes of black and white cinema as dated or romantic and offer audiences a multitude of dimensions to their viewing, which is not on offer, regrettably, in the selections of Dubai multiplexes.

Black and White Glory will screen a selection of films that cross the traditional genres of narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking. Each film is remarkable for the way its use of black and white highlights an array of calculated aesthetic choices by the director and the director of photography. Though it might be assumed that lack of colour is a simplification of the filmmaking craft, this series aims to demonstrate otherwise: the decision to shoot in black and white has a powerful impact on the overall tone of a film and on a myriad of artistic choices within it. Kaabour comments, “Practically each frame of these films would work as a stand-alone work of art in respect to its composition and lighting due to the choices made by the director and the director of photography.”