Veritas Films wins 2010 Anasy Best Script Award

Award-winning filmmaker and Veritas Films’ founder Mahmoud Kaabour was named as this year’s recipient of the Anasy Best Script award for his upcoming project “The Champ of the Camp.” The 50,000 AED award will serve as a development fund for Veritas Films’ feature-length documentary on the contestants of next year’s “Camp ka Champ,” an X Factor-like singing competition that takes place in many of Dubai’s labor camps.
In a recent interview on Al-Arabiyya News Channel, Kaabour described the project as a continuation of his personal cinematic vision, to open a portal on the fascinating lives of under-represented, otherwise ordinary, individuals. “The labor camps are also a stage for paramount musical dreams,” says Kaabour. “I want to focus on the seed of optimism that brought these individuals so far for to build a life, to sustain a family and to pursue the fame and glory of being crowned the champ of the camp.”

“Champ of the Camp” aims to follow five laborer-crooners as they hone their vocal skills and entertain dreams of stardom in the months preceding the competition.  The project will enter production in 2011 if it attracts the necessary funding.
The film’s impetus lay in a recent collaboration between Veritas Films and Camp ka Champ when Kaabour curated the first-ever public concert for last year’s winners at his bi-annual film series “Mahmovies!” The concert was attended by approximately 300 members of the UAE public and was widely acclaimed in the local press and blogosphere.